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Tantary: Prequel to Kingdom

Find out where it all began . . .


Calthorpe Manor is a hidden treasure in the heart of England. With one of the world’s largest collections of books, it makes a great tourist destination.

But now the stories have taken on lives of their own. The characters are real, driving away the manor’s once loyal customers.

Cora works as the manor’s housekeeper, and she decides to take it upon herself to uphold the manor’s reputation, no matter what the cost.

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Feathered: Swan Maiden Book 1

Inspired by the classic story of Swan Lake.

(No cover)

When Marion DuVal makes a deal with an evil magician, she doesn’t realise it will cost her her human life. Trapped inside the body of a swan, Marion must uphold her end of the bargain if she ever wishes to see her father again.

But Eluard’s plan does not finish there – under his orders, Marion soon finds herself caught up in a lie of royal proportions.

One girl; two identities. Will Marion be able to stop the evil inside herself before it’s too late?

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